How did you get the bright idea to use a wiki message board to host game makers' questions?

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Why a Wiki? Because it is easy![edit]

The original version of the FAQ was a static HTML page. As such, it was a pain to update, and therefore James rarely updated it. Later, the FAQ was generated using a program called DIVmonger, which James wrote just for the FAQ. It was slightly easier that plain HTML, but not easy enough to be easy, plus it only ran on windows, so when James switched to GNU/Linux, he stopped updating the FAQ entirely.

The current incarnation of the F.A.Q. runs on MediaWiki software, which is the same software that powers Wikipedia. Wikipedia has proved that a publicly editable website is a great way to make it easy for a group of people to work together to contribute and improve a collection of information.

The OHRRPGCE is certainly not the first program to use a Wiki for documentation. Many other software projects use Wikis.

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