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This article is about the OHRRPGCE FMF project, which is an alternate implementation of the OHRRPGCE for Java mobile phones. Technical implementation details discussed here should not be confused with those of the RPG format

The motivation behind HEADER.LMP is simple: provide a compact, extensible header format that maximizes compatibility with previous lump conventions.

HEADER.LMP is stored as a "lump of lumps"; each lump follows the standard format. Current sub-lumps include:



Data' Meaning
STR Short name of game+
STR Version information

'Note: All "STR" variables in HEADER.LMP are null-terminated Strings. +Warning! The game's short name is not always XRPG compliant; for instance, Wandering Hamster's name is listed as "wander", not "WANDER" as it should be.


Represents BROWSE.TXT

Data' Meaning
STR Long name of game
STR About line

'Note: All "STR" variables in HEADER.LMP are null-terminated Strings.

List of Lumps specific to the XRPG format. Other lumps comply with existing .RPG lump specifications.

HEADER.LMP . _FNT.png . .PT4_# . .PT6_# . .HERO_#.png . SEZ . EFX . BFF . FOE . _TIL_#.png . _MXS_#.png . ###.MAP . HRO . ATK . SCRIPTS_#.HF . SCRIPTS.LST