How come you are making it for DOS? I thought DOS was dead

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This article only applies to the DOS/QuickBasic 16-bit version. It is not relevant for the current 32/64 bit Windows/Linux/Mac/etc versions
This article is no longer part of the F.A.Q.. It answers an obsolete FAQ question. It does not apply to the current version.

DOS is not dead. DOS will never die. As obsolete as it is, all versions of Windows have adequate DOS support, and even on operating systems that don't have native DOS support, DOS lives on in Emulators such as DosBox

However, I must admit that I regret working with real-mode DOS. Even though DOS emulation is good and getting better, DOS is still fundamentally a very limiting environment to work in.

Thankfully, Now that the OHRRPGCE has been ported to FreeBasic, it runs natively in Windows and Linux. So although the OHRRPGCE has strong DOS roots, it is no longer a DOS-only program.

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