How do I check for more than 2 tags at once?

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In a script[edit]

Checking two tags at once in a script is easy:

 if (checktag(tag:got mug) && checktag(tag:got spoon)) then (

For a mixture of on and off conditions:

 if (check tag(tag:defeated Brolar) == on && check tag(tag:defeated Grungir) == off)

In a textbox[edit]

Use a chain of Instead box conditionals to check multiple tags (see also How to use NPCs and Tags):

Textbox 10:  "I need a mug"
 -INSTEAD: If tag 5 = ON (got mug)
  Jump to box 11 instead

Textbox 11:  "I need a spoon too!"
 -INSTEAD: If tag 6 = ON (got spoon)
  Jump to box 12 instead

Textbox 12:  "Time to make a hot drink!"

You might like to make textbox 12 set another tag, like "got mug and spoon" which you can use in future conditions

Other than textboxes[edit]

Some things, like NPC tag conditions and doorlink conditions let you test two different tags which both need to be set correctly.

For other things, you need to use a script or a textbox to first set a third tag, which you can then test against.