How do I make the heroes of my team appear behind the main hero?

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Well it's rather easy: you use the caterpillar system. To activate it, just edit your game with custom.exe and edit the general game data. There, choose the preference bitsests. Go down to "Enable caterpillar party" Press space and check that the line has became "highlighted".

Save the changes and test your game. You'll see, if you already have added several heroes to your party, the other members of your team following the hero!

What do to while plotscripts?[edit]

As you can see in the plotscript dictionary , there is a command called suspend caterpillar and another resume caterpillar, well that's the command we'll need. They will make you able to manipulate the other heroes while cutscenes.

define script, cutscene1, begin

suspend caterpillar #the other heroes start to act by themselves (or nearly)
walk hero to y (hero: herofriend1, 56)
walk hero to x (hero: herofriend1, 34)
wait for hero (hero: herofriend1)

walk hero to y (hero: herofriend2, 57)
walk hero to x(hero: herofriend2, 33)
wait for (hero: herofriend2)

resume caterpillar
end #end of the script

Please don't forget to activate caterpillar again at the end of the plotscript, else the other heroes may not follow the main hero anylonger. To make things clearer, I also strongly recommend you to use heroes' names when you control them so that you don't have any bad surprises due to their position on the party!

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