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The first thing that GAME does before it can play your game is to create a temporary folder to keep working files in. This folder is called PLAYING.TMP

The normal location of PLAYING.TMP is C:\Windows\Temp\PLAYING.TMP\ for Windows, and C:\TEMP\ for DOS. (You can customize its location by setting the DOS environment variable TEMP)

If you see error messages like Path/File access error in line No line number in module GAME you should check to see if PLAYING.TMP exists. If so, can you delete it? If not, can you create it? If GAME cannot create and delete PLAYING.TMP, it will crash.

If GAME can successfully create PLAYING.TMP, it fills it with data files from the RPG file you are playing. After you finish playing, GAME will clean up those data files and delete PLAYING.TMP