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PLOTSCR.LST contains a list of all the scripts imported into a game, whether they are "plotscript"s, manually numbered, or autonumbered. It is a fixed-length binary file with record length of 40 bytes. The total number of records is stored in the chaotic and all-inclusive GEN lump. The first two bytes of each record contain the ID number of the script. The next two bytes are the length of the name. The remaining 36 bytes contain the text string of the script's name. This name is not terminated by anything, and is followed by uninitialized garbage data.

New-style plotscript names and IDs are stored in LOOKUP.BIN

Formal Specs[edit]

About Formal Specs

Data Meaning
Records start (40 bytes)
INT ID of plotscript
VSTR (1i+36b) Name of plotscript

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