Talk:Are you going to make a version that supports hi-res graphics, 3D, etc...?

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User: I will be willing to help in the next Ohhrpgce in add 3d graphics. I use quick basic 4.5 and can read the code so hopefully I can say La ĝisdatigo estas farita . Tempo partio. . yea also I am learning Esperanto.

Pkmnfrk: Will. Not. Happen. There is simply not enough memmory with the features we have to support anything but the low-res, 2-d, Mode-X-ish graphics.

Fallenblood: Sure, but how about more animation frames? It won't be that hard, would it?

Bob the Hamster: It's coming in the future. ow that our memory noose is loosened, it is actually possible, but we still need to be careful to implement more animation frames in a way that is backwards compatable with older games.