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I cannot get custom.exe to run in fullscreen mode[edit]

Alt-Enter does not work and the option on the window and in the window menu is greyed out. Is this a problem with the OHRRPGCE, a problem with the operating system or a simple problem I can fix?

Bob: You are using the latest version? And what version of Windows are you using? The maximize button in the top right corner of the window is not supposed to work. Maximize and full-screen are not the ame thing. But ALT+ENTER is supposed to always work...

I was using Tirgoviste on Windows 98 but alt+Enter works now. I think it must have been some strange bug. It messed up all the icons on my desktop every time I started Game.exe or Custom.exe but it's stopped doing it. Maximise button makes it go into fullscreen also.

revise tag[edit]

Bob the Hamster: This article still has the {{revise}} tag because it lacks the detail present in the companion article, Can I run CUSTOM.exe or GAME.exe in a small window instead of fullscreen?

Bobby Blade: Maybe a merging of the two articles would be appropriate, possibly titling it "Toggling between fullscreen and windowed mode in CUSTOM.exe or GAME.exe" or to keep the names somewhat similar "Can I toggle between fullscreen and windowed mode in CUSTOM.exe or GAME.exe?"

Bob the Hamster: Well, besides toggling, it also needs to cover starting in one mode or the other. Also, fullscreen mode in general isn't very reliable in the current version. That is why windowed mode became the default. But I do think combining these two articles into one would make sense.