Why did you pick such strange names for each version of CUSTOM and GAME.EXE?

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The strange names assigned to each stable release are chosen by James. He was originally planning to assign them reverse-aphabetically starting with paternoster, but he got confused and assigned them alphabetically instead, and didn't realize he was doing it until rusalka.

The practice of giving odd names to official software releases is not uncommon. A codename is often easier to remember (and more fun!) than a version number or a datestamp.


  • Debian GNU/Linux slink, potato, woody, sarge, etch, sid
  • Ubuntu Linux Warty Warthog, Hoary Hedgehog, Breezy Badger, Dapper Drake, Edgy Eft
  • FBOHR Aristotle, Berkeley/Bentham, Chomsky/Camus, Descartes/Derrida, Euclid/Epicurus
  • Microsoft Windows Whistler, Springboard, Longhorn, Cougar

These naming schemes usually have a "theme" such as "Characters from Toy Story" for Debian. The theme for OHRRPGCE release codenames is:

polysylabic words that James likes the sound of