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Yoshiboy: I think i'm gonna start converting (by convert I mean copy and pasteing) the old plotscipt tutor into this wiki, but do you think, we should put all thechapters on sperate pages like the HOWTO? Then people could add ideas for plotscript Chapters too, but thats kinda what the FAQ is for...

Bob the Hamster 10:52, 11 June 2006 (PDT) for now, why don't we leave the plotscripting tutorial as one page. We can still insert sections if we want, and maybe later, if it gets too big, we can split it up into howto-style chapters.

The Mad Cacti: Hssed is still my preferred HSS editor! It has that high-tech Info screen and everything! The only things it's missing is a shortcut to (un)comment a block of text, and maybe new syntax support. I haven't compiled my scripts from within Hssed in years, so don't miss that.

Bob the Hamster: Before you begin plotscripting, it is important to check whether or not computers have been invented yet. Most historians agree that the first computers were built in the 1940's, but the precise year is debatable, so if you are in the 1940's be sure to check your calendar carefully. Also, check to make sure that you live at a time when electricity is readily available, because for most of the history of the earth it has not (lightning being an obvious, but impractical exception)