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Be sure to read the following important articles: An Important Note About Passwords and An important Note About Backups.

Important Note Some HowTo chapters are long out of date. It is currently (June 2020) undergoing a major update and partial rewrite, but we think you will be able to make sense of it in its current state.

You can also read this highly-unfinished alternative HowTo.

The first part of this HowTo is designed as an overview of the core concepts, providing all the knowledge needed to create a game from scratch. Later chapters in the Extra Tutorials section expand on additional or more complex features in a goal orientated manner.

HOWTO: Main Chapters[edit]

  1. Getting Started
  2. Making Maptiles
  3. Making Walkabout Graphics
  4. Importing Graphics
  5. Map Construction
  6. NPCs
  7. Text Boxes
  8. Tags
  9. Making a Hero
  10. Items
  11. Customizing Menus
  12. Battles
  13. Vehicle Use
  14. Stun, Regen, Poison, and Mute
  15. Sound Effects
  16. Distributing a Game

Ah! That covers the basics. Do you feel enlightened?

Next, see the Extra Tutorials below on specific topics you're interested in (you can read these in any order), and the articles on Scripting. Some of the Extra Tutorials will use scripting.

Extra Tutorials[edit]

  1. Animating Maptiles
  2. Bosses
  3. Making Complex Attacks
  4. Combat Dialogues
  5. Enemies that respond to a certain attack
  6. Creating Dungeons
  7. Permanent Stat-Boosters
  8. Conditional Door Links
  9. Making Android games


  1. Plotscripting (contents page)
  2. Plotscripting Tutorial
  3. What is a script argument for?
  4. Ways to refer to a hero in a script
  5. Creating Cutscenes
  6. Script triggers
  7. Scripting advice
  8. Slices Tutorial
  9. Slice Collection Editor Tutorial
  10. HUD Scripting Tutorial
  11. How do I write map autorun scripts?
  12. Using the Mouse in the Game

Anyone who is interested in helping by writing new chapters for the HowTo can do so by adding a link in the In-progress Chapters section and filling in an article. You can also suggest a new topic by adding a link to the Suggested New Chapters section or leaving a note on the Talk:HOWTO page.

This alternative HowTo is a work in progress and most chapters are blank, but it contains some good information. For most topics, consult the HowTo chapters above.

Outline Of Proposed New Howto

Pixel-Art Tutorials[edit]

In-progress Chapters[edit]

To suggest a new chapter or tutorial simply leave a comment in the HOWTO's Discussion/Talk Page. It is important to remember that the purpose of HOWTO articles is to explain how to use the standard features, not to explain complicated methods of simulating features that don't exist using plotscripting. Stuff like that probably belongs in Category:Example Scripts

See Also[edit]

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