How to make a Class System

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So, you want to make a class system? Well, there is no built in feature to have a class system. But, there are different ways you can go fake one with or without plotscripting.

Textbox Classes[edit]

Here is a rather simple one you can attempt to do. You can manipulate text box choice options to make a sort of class system by linking together text boxes and using tags. A basic one you could try is a Mage, Rouge, and Warrior class system. One choice would to be either a Mage or a Fighter. If the player chooses Mage, they enter the game a Mage. If they select Warrior, then they advance to choosing between Rogue or Warrior, then entering the game as their choice.

This can be done with tags for the choice, and instead conditionals for textboxes. There would be two tags; A tag called 'Mage Or Fighter', and a tag called 'Warrior or Rouge'. Mage Or Rouge would be set onto the first choice, with Fighter turning it on, and Mage turning it off. You would link the textbox to a textbox saying you choose Mage. You would have to set the conditions to instead, if Tag (Insert Mage Or Fighter Tag Number Here) is on, and have it go to the Warrior Or Rouge choice textbox. Then, you would do the same sort of thing with the Warrior or Rogue choice.

Here are some things you need to look out for, though. You would have to have a selection hero, like a hero with a blank walkabout, or something similar. When you select a class, you would have to have one text box adding the desired hero type, and another after removing the selection hero. You can add a boy or girl choice, as well. But, it would require making copies of the Warrior, Rouge, and Mage boxes, so each gender has their own version.

Walkabout Selection[edit]

Another option you can do without plotscripting is to make the game begin in an area where you can select heroes on a map. For an example, see Fenrir-Lunaris's game, Final Fantasy H. It is a perfect example of this style. In the game, there is a line-up of heroes on a dark map. You are a white hand, and when you talk to a hero, you have the option to select that person. There are four classes, Cleric, Warrior, Thief, and Black Mage, and four races, humans, elves, dwarves, and anthros. You could try doing something similar, or like just like it.

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