An important Note About Backups

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Always remember to backup your work. I cannot stress this enough. This applies to everything you do on your computer that is even the slightest bit important to you-- but you must be especially careful about backing up your RPG files. There may still be bugs in the OHRRPGCE, and sometimes when you find one of these bugs, it may corrupt your RPG file. If this ever happens to you, you can mail the developers so we can try to identify the cause of the corruption so we can fix the bug and prevent it from happening to others; but it is seldom possible to recover the lost data that you put so much hard work into. Make backups of your game every day you work on it, and if you are the paranoid type even make backups of your backups.

Backing up your files is important.

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To Another Folder[edit]

The quickest and easiest way to make a backup is to copy your RPG file into another folder on your hard drive. Doing this at least daily is a really good idea.

To A Removable Device[edit]

In case your whole computer dies, it is also a good idea to back up to a removable device like a Floppy or a Writable CD or a USB thumb drive.

Across the Wire[edit]

The very best way to back up a file is to upload it to a website where people can download it, or to e-mail it to your friends. Then if you lose your original file, or you lose your whole hard drive, or your house burns down and melts all your floppies, there are still many other copies scattered over the net.