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Wandering Hamster
Wandering hamster.png
Developer(s) James Paige
Release date First Demo 1997
Current Demo 2022-09-22
Final Release TBD
Genre RPG
License GPL

Windows (installer)
Windows (zip)
Mac OS X
Linux 64bit (tarball)
Linux 32bit (tarball)
Debian/Ubuntu 64bit
Debian/Ubuntu 32bit
Android Version

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Lord Hasim has been overthrown, plips run rampant, and a menacing evil lurks in the shadows... or is it a cactus? What hamster is spiffy enough to save the world? Bob!

Wandering Hamster is the OHRRPGCE game developed by OHRRPGCE's developer James Paige. It is occasionally referred to in examples.


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Bob the Hamster[edit]


Bob is our protagonist. He is a freelance (unemployed) monster-hunter and adventurer. He is a citizen of the town of Flanat, and the eldest son of the The Hamster family.

Misa DuHamstre[edit]

Misa portrait.png

Misa is Bob's friend, and a respected citizen of the town of Flanat. She is a bubble mage, an ancient and proud magical tradition which involves... bubbles.

Lord Hasim & Lord Broaste[edit]


Lord Hasim is the ruler of the Kingdom of Flanat, and Lord Broaste is the ruler of the kingdom of Broastia on the other side of the mountain. The two are rivals, but an uneasy peace has been maintained between the two nations for many years.



Dusty is a wiener dog, and a male fashion model. To avoid his (largely imaginary) fans, he lives alone in a cottage by the sea.

Skeppio & Rathmara[edit]


Skeppio and Rathmara are cats from the city-state of Ixnekolan. They are brother and sister. Normally cats don't like hamsters, but these two seem willing enough to work together with Bob.

Gisli Bearbreaker[edit]


Gisli the Viking is a proud warrior from a distant land. He isn't very bright (or hygienic) but he is a good fellow to have around in a fight.

Captain Icefeather[edit]


Captain Icefeather is the daring and dangerous captain of the Unlucky Tortoise. If you make an enemy to her, you make an enemy of her whole crew-- but the same goes for friendship!

Future Plans[edit]

As you may have noticed, if you played far enough, Wandering Hamster is not a complete game yet. The story dead-ends shorty after you acquire the ship. You can wander the world and revisit old places, but the next important plot-quest has not been added yet.

How You Can Help[edit]

  • Playtesting
  • Reporting bugs
  • Balance and difficulty issues (which enemies are too strong, too weak, too boring)
  • Improvements on existing pixel art
  • New pixel art in keeping with the theme of the game
  • Music composition and remixes
  • Bribe James to keep working on it at

See the Development page for more info.

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