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Although not an OHRRPGCE game, Bob the Hamster VGA shares a legacy with the OHRRPGCE. It used the same allmodex assembly routines, and was ported to FreeBasic using code from the OHR. The BAM music format was created for Bob the Hamster VGA.

Play Online[edit]



Control Bob with the arrow keys on your keyboard. There is no mouse support.

Press SPACEBAR to spit.

Press ESC to quit

Secret Codes[edit]

Some of these codes may be unavailable because they conflict with keys reserved for DosBox or your web browser.

CTRL+F1 Wear a hat
CTRL+F2 Invisible (Enemies still see you!)
CTRL+F3 Be an enemy
CTRL+F4 Confusion
CTRL+F5 Random teleport
CTRL+F6 Toggle Language (English/Japanese)
CTRL+F7 2 million points
CTRL+F8 Frictionless cabbages
CTRL+F9 Shadow Hamster effect
CTRL+F10 Funny colors
CTRL+F11 Show version number
CTRL+F12 Save a BMP screenshot as bobshot#.bmp
CTRL+ALT+~ Toggle Bob/Vlad Graphics modes
Hold CTRL and type MOPLIP Destroy all dirt, turn all cabbages into Plips
HOLD CTRL and type CREDIT Roll the credits

The following codes are "Cheater" codes which prevent you from getting a normal ending

(FIXME: add these)

Source Code[edit]

The bobvga source code is available under the GPL. You will need Subversion and FreeBasic

svn co bobvga

Old DOS Version[edit]

The old dos version is still available at and you can get the old source code from subversion:

svn co -r 3 svn:// bobvga-dos

If you are running the DOS version in DosBox 0.74 and it freezes with the error message "Exit to error: DMA segbound wrapping (read)" then you can try disabling the sound in DosBox's config file


Or use which does not suffer from the same bug