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The OHRRPGCE does not currently accept donations in any centralized way, however, you are always welcome to donate to individual developers, donate to individual game authors, or donate to OHR website hosters.


If you run an OHR-related website, and want help with the hosting costs, please put your preferred donation information here. &[edit][edit]

  • Moogle1 maintains and pays for . He encourages you to spend your hard-earned money making games or supporting your favorite game-making utility, but in the event that you really really want to donate to Slime Salad, you can also use the Dreamhost donation system here.

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If you are a developer or game author, you can put your preferred donation information here.

James Paige[edit]

If you want to support James's game-making efforts directly, you can support his Bob the Hamster Patreon Account

S'orlok Reaves[edit]


Fenrir-Lunaris worked really, REALLY hard on Vikings of Midgard He did just about all the artwork, sprites, scripting, and putting together of this project. As always, he accepts questions, comments, and feedback on his work! If you feel like making a monetary donation, paypal a small contribution to him at the following email address:

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