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Dwimmercrafty was a previous stable release of the OHRRPGCE.

The word is a tolkienism meaning; Knowledgeable, crafty, or skilled in the art of magic

Highlights of new features[edit]

+1 release 2017-09-22[edit]

Fixed a critical bug that erased On-Death-Bequest attacks and Non-Elemental-Counterattacks from all enemies when a game was loaded into custom. If you lost enemy data, and you still have a backup copy of your game from before August 29 2017, please ask the developers for help on the Forums. (this bug also affected nightly wip builds from 2017-08-29 thru 2017-09-21)

original release 2017-08-31[edit]

  • NPC pathfinding, and other new NPC movetypes including follow-walls
  • Record .gif videos with Ctrl-F12
  • More map layers, hero definitions, and global variables
  • More info shown in-game in shops and spell lists
  • One-way walls
  • Lots of new in-game debug keys/F8 debug menu options, and a similar new menu in Custom accessed with F9
  • Can jump to attack, enemy, textbox and npc editors from other editors
  • Lots of progress on mouse support
  • On Windows, Custom's window is now resizable; resizing works almost everywhere
  • Sound effect volume control

Preceded by Version Release Date Succeeded by Current version
Callipygous+1 August 31 2017 Etheldreme Fufluns

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