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Fufluns was a previous stable release of the OHRRPGCE.

The word Fufluns is the name of an Etruscan diety, patron of, among other things, plant life, health, and booze. The choice between Fufluns and Fanfaronade for the version name was decided by rolling a d20.

Fufluns took over two years to release, so is packed full of features and bugfixes. See whatsnew.txt for the complete, excessively long list. The release highlights were:

  • Games can be played with mouse or (mostly working) joystick
  • Spritesets and backdrops can be any size
  • Hero counter-attacks
  • Hero MP meters
  • Graphical browsers for sprites, attacks, enemies, maps, textboxes, etc.
  • Enemy Usage and Foemap Statistics screens
  • Menu item colors and real unselectable menu items
  • Line slices
  • PNG, JPEG importing
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etheldreme January 12 2020 gorgonzola hróðvitnir

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