How can I compile my plotscripts in Linux?

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Hspeak Binary Install[edit]

If you are using a binary install of the OHRRPGCE, or the debian/ubuntu packages, a binary for hspeak is included staring with the 2010-04-05 nightly builds.

Hspeak From Source[edit]

The plotscript compiler is written in the Euphoria programming language. You can either install the Linux version of Euphoria or compile a copy of the HSpeak that has been translated to C.

To compile your script, running hspeak.exw in the Euphoria interpreter:

exu hspeak.exw myscript.hss

To compile HSpeak using gcc, download File:HSpeak-C-3J.tar.gz (out of date), untar and compile with ./emake. The standalone executable hspeak will be created. Compile scripts with:

hspeak myscript.hss

HSpeak does not need to be installed: it searches for included script files only in the current and executable directories in addition to the directory of its argument script.

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