How do I change the money symbol?

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So you don't like always seeing the dollar sign $ for currency? Well here is the way to completely change the currency symbol.

  • From the main menu in custom, go into Edit Font.
  • Pick a free space and draw the currency you want. Here are some examples of the currencies you may want to draw: the £, the ¥ and €.
  • If are not good at drawing fonts I suggest you launch a program that can edit using fonts with big sizes such as Word Pad, Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer and then to try to reproduce it in CUSTOM.EXE
  • Then copy your new currency symbol with Ctrl+C and then use Ctrl+V to paste it over where there $ symbol is (Shift+4).
  • Here it is! Now you will always see the new currency even when you edit the conditionals of a text box!

You can also change the colour with which the gold amount is drawn on the status screen by editing the "Total money" User Interface Colour.

As for changing the name of the currency that displays in various situations (such as when you win a battle), that's easy enough:

  • Go to Edit Global Text Strings.
  • Go down until you find money. Then type the money you want. GP or gold or escudo or fish or whatever.
  • From now on when a battle ends you will see GP or gold or escudo or fish or whatever you put.

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