How do I make weather effects?

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For example, let's say "Rain"

Every map has up to 16 layers. On the map you wish to add rain, go to the Layers and Tilesets... menu. Create a new layer with '+' on which your rain will exist (nothing else will go on this map layer). Select the layer (where it says Tile layer #) and type a name (try "rain"!) to help keep layers organized. Move this layer below other layers with SHIFT+Down arrow so that it appears on top of all other layers, including the Walkabout layer. If you have another layer that should for some reason appear above the rain, make sure to keep it below the rain layer in the editor.

To make the actual rain, you need to first go into the Maptile Editor and make an animating maptile that looks like rain falling.

Rain tiles in the maptile editor

Then go back to the Map Editor.

add layers with the + button!

Press PageUp and PageDown to select which layer you are editing

Check which layer you're on here.

When you put your rain tile in layer 2, the other layers will be visible between the raindrops

Rain on layer 2!

To fill the map layer with rain tiles quickly, use CTRL+F to fill the screen, or CTRL+R to replace all tiles with the selected one.

Press 1 (for singular tiles) or CTRL+1 to animate all your rain maptiles. Read more about animating map tiles here!