How do I move or reorder a map layer?

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Map layers, including the layers on which walkabouts are drawn, can manipulated with slice commands. Each map layer is actually a slice, and the normal commands for moving and reordering them work. For example, to draw NPCs and heroes over map layer 3:

plotscript, walkabouts above, begin
  variable(walkabouts, layer)
  walkabouts := lookup slice(sl: walkabout layer)
  layer := lookup slice(sl: map layer 1)
  move slice above(walkabouts, layer)

Map layer slices normally always at x,y=0,0 relative to their parent, so can be shifted easily. To shake one of the map layers left and right for a second:

plotscript, shake map layer 1, begin 
  variable(sl, i) 
  sl := lookup slice(sl: map layer 1)
  for (i, 1, 10) do ( 
    set slice x(sl, -2)
    set slice x(sl, 2)
  set slice x(sl, 0)  # Reset

Be warned that if you are still using overhead tiles then moving layer 0 will cause strange artifacts if you don't move the sl:obsolete overhead slice by the same amount.

In the map editor[edit]

Layer can be reordered in the "Layers and Tilesets" menu (or press CTRL+L while placing tiles). Move the selection to one of the layers (any of the lines therein), and hold Shift while pressing Up and Down and press Enter on one of the lines that says "Enabled (<-Visible in editor->)" to enable/disable the layer. You can't disable layer 0 in this way.

All map layers can be shifted together using the Resize Map menu. To shift an individual map layer you can use the Mark and Clone tools to copy/paste its contents.

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