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We will remove existing limits on things when possible.

For example, Item numbers were indexed with a single byte, so it was not possible to have more than 255 distinct items. We developed a plan and fixed the single-byte storage in a systematic and backwards compatible way, so starting with the ypsiliform release, there are 32000 distinct items possible.

Other plans to lift other limitations are in progress.

<VOICE TYPE="Grandpa"> My goodness gracious! You gol-darn little whipper-snappers have all been spoiled by this here newfangled Pokeyman! Back in my day, we had just four elements, and by gum! we where happy with them! Fire! Earth! Water! Wind! Those where elementals you could set your watch to. *sigh* It all started going bad when we let "Ice" and "Lightening" into the mix. That paved the way for "Light" and "Darkness", and pretty soon, everybody wanted to be an elemental. </VOICE>

There are plenty of other number-limits on various things in various parts of the OHRRPGCE. All of them exist for a reason, some of them will be changed, and some won't. If you have run into a limitation that you think needs to be changed, you are welcome to get the source code and help out.

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