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OHRRPGCE Side Scrolling Games[edit]

This was a list of possibly every early OHR side scroller (or platformer) released up to 2010, but hasn't been updated since.

The OHRRPGCE doesn't support platformers directly, but they can be created using scripts. Often, those scripts get reused in another game, so for interest, 'Lineage' indicates whether a game was based on a previous one. (Usually determined by comparing or decompiling the scripts.) SS101 refers to the SideScrollers 101 series of articles (see #Making a Side Scrolling Game), which was itself seemingly derived from Scary Game 3.

Game Author Year Status Source Code Lineage
Tim-Tim 2
Spoonweaver 2022 Complete Game No Source Original
Bell of Chaos
Bellchaos tower entrance.png
James Paige 2010 Demo Included (GPL) Original
Automagically! Bizzaro Carnival in Salad Kingdom (Alt listing)
Automagically0000 227.png
Spoonweaver 2010 Short Complete Game Available here SS101
Fall Be Kind
Blue Train & TMC 2009 (Short) 48 Hour Contest Entry No Source SS101
Don't Eat Soap
Dont eat soap - screen1.png
James Paige 2009 Complete Game Included Original
Tim-Tim "The Mighty Gnome" (On CP)
Spoonweaver 2009 Complete Game No Source SS101
Moogle1 2008-2009 Complete Game No Source Scary Game 3
Blue Train & Spoonweaver 2008 Demo No Source SS101
Scary Game 3 (SS)
Scary Game 3 small.png
Moogle1 2004-2007 Demo No Source Original
Fenrir-Lunaris & Worthy 2004-2005 Complete Game No Source (Was Originally) Original
Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.gif
Moogle1 2005 Tech Demo No Source Scary Game 3
Sonic Demo (Sthtmtgttd)
Junahu 2004 Tech Demo Included, Commented Original
Retrogamer 2003 Complete Game No Source It Came From Beyond The Moon
It Came From Beyond The Moon
It Came From Beyond The Moon.jpg
Retrogamer & Chaos Nyte 2003 48 Hour Conest Entry No Source Original
Baby Bob the Hamster
Baby Bob.png
James Paige 2003 Tech Demo/Example Included, Commented Original
Siv: The Journey of an Egg
Retrogamer & Synial 2001 One Level Demo No Source Original

Making a Side Scrolling Game[edit]

Coding a sidescroller is definitely not a simple task. Luckily, there are two excellent example side scrollers which are intended to be used to build games on top of:

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