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Bob the Hamster: I have a suggestion for this article. Rather than just explaining how to make bosses, it would be better to walk the reader step-by-step through making a a boss in a small example game. There could be a download link for a bare-bones RPG file at the beginning of the article, and then it could show with descriptions and screenshots how to make a boss, and the reader can follow along in CUSTOM.

Jessica: I could do this. How much should I include (boss graphics, npcs, etc?) Should I leave Yoshiboy's description of where do put bosses?

Yoshiboy: Well, I think bosses are generally easy to make, I thought the intention of this article was to give them suggestions of how to make bosses more interesting. Because a step by step article would be alot like the Battles article. That's just my opinion. Should I stop working on this article?

Bob the Hamster: Hmmm... Maybe it would be better for me to just rewrite/improve/expand the Battles chapter, and let you continue with this article as it is.

Yoshiboy: If you have multiple enemies in a battle, and only one is "Unescapeable" if that one dies, could you then escape from the battle? I want to include somthing about that in the article.

Mike C. No. When you try to run, Game checks each live enemy for the bitset. The net result is that as long as there is at least one live unescapable enemy, you're trapped.

Yoshiboy: I talked about the broast ghost from the wandering hamster, and how he was different enemies. Could I take a screen shot from it to include in the article?

Mike C. I'm fairly sure that in the context of the wiki, you can use any images you want from Wandering Hamster without permission.

Bob the Hamster: Yes. Go right ahead and use any WH screenshots you please. I am personally of the opinion that screenshots ought to be copyright-except (although I suppose there are plenty of copyright lawyers would would disagree)

Mike C. Actually, I believe that under the U.S. Fair Use Act, you can use material for the purposes of commentary and critisism, and parody. Documentation is, in a way, a form of commentary, and so I think that we could use any screen shot we wanted.

Further, looking beyond the wiki, if you're writing a review (commentary and critisism), you'll want to use screenshots to illustrate your points. This is acceptable as well under the Fair Use Act.

Dark Sentiel. I have a really spiffy idea. But first i must ask some questions 1. There is real to move heroes battle position? 2.How? 3. Can we make hero as enemy with all hero frames?

Bob the Hamster: No, there is no way to move the hero's battle positions, nor is there any way to make an enemy with hero frames. Both of those features are planned for the future. See Plan for battle formation improvements and Plan for animating enemies