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Talk:FAQ/old archived talk

fresh start[edit]

So I just nuked the FAQ from orbit. The old FAQ still lives on at Gigantor List Of Questions, which I hope will still provide a useful resource to the question-hungry. If any of the devs or experienced users wish to further trim the FAQ, go right ahead. I welcome it. Also, feel free to add questions too, but only if they really are frequently asked. -- Bob the Hamster 22:38, 22 September 2009 (UTC)

Oh wow. Yesterday before I went to bed, I saw that new FAQ question and thought to myself: "I must remember to suggest to James tomorrow that we <do exactly what you just did>". Wonderful! -- The Mad Cacti 20:50, 23 September 2009 (UTC)

Msw188:I think this is wonderful. I have two more suggested removals:

How do I make a drain or leech spell that steals HP? (General Questions) Is this really asked very often? The bitset for this seems pretty obvious to me.

How do I make an NPC disappear after ending its plotscript by making it walk out of view? (Plotscripting Questions) This seems to be a strangely specific question, I'd be surprised if it was 'frequent'.

XEpicGodX here. I try to draw NPC's but I can't select any colour except black. I cant create my game untill I create the NPC's. I don't know if that is intended to make me seem stupid but it just won't work...

Bob the Hamster (talk): hello, XEpicGodX, sorry about the difficulties. The big block of colors in the top right corner is the master palette. You can't use those directly in your walkabout sprites, you just use them to customize your 16-color palette. The 16-color palette is the bottom row of colors. Notice that they are set apart from the colors above. If you would like more help, please ask on one of the Forums, you will be able to get a lot more help there than here on the wiki.