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Bob: I am going to simplify this article. I want it to just give a new user a starting point (the HOWTO). Although the rest of the information is good, it does not in the "How do I start?" question.

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Then, you should read the Plotscript Tutorial. The plotscript tutorial will give you precious information about the script, especially about tags and conditions. Then make notes about what you've learned and draw all the basic graphics you need (basic character's and NPC's graphics, basic game over picture, basic launch screen, and basic grass, basic water and basic houses (inside and outside graphic... Write on pieces the main lines of the story of your game (Information on the world of the hero, heroe(s) and villain's personnality...) and choose how the player will save the game and how he (or she) will be healed.

Create indoors map (ex: inside the house of the hero, inside shops or castles) and village map (you can give the map the size you want by editing the map and resize it). Feel free to launch wander.rpg to see how the game is made as many times as needed. Take notes about what you think you are about to forget in a few weeks. Then, pick up from this site the information you need about the shops, the starting location, the spells... Make the game over and the launch game script (the one that told the beginning of your story) see also How do I make an intro story thing? (text boxes with backgrounds)

Then just make you first plotscripts tests and your first backup copies. (See How do I securely backup my work?) Now you just have to improve your graphics and make the ploscripts that tells the beginning of your RPG (the hero meets friends, receive bad and good news, leave his village and starts to search out for adventures..) Don't forget that graphics are very time consuming so don't draw more than 4 hours a day or you will be discouraged from making your game. To make the game look better only one person should draw the graphics. (don't hesitate to search for people who can help you on forums) Note also plotscript commands are not as easy as it seems to use, don't hesitate to consult the plotscript dictionnary (more an english- foreign language/ foreign language- english dictionnary for the ones whose English is not the mother tongue). It is especially true if you are not very good at english). As for the graphics, you can meet good programmers on forums so don't hesitate to post your questions. As you are posting your first questions you can start to make your first special attacks (like healing spells )and battles tests.

To make the game tests efficient, I recommand to not a rough piece of paper what you seen on your screen while playing because there might several mistakes at the same time. Ex: typing errors in text boxes+ attacks that start too late+ ennemies that are on the top left corner+ healing spell that kills you. This method allows you to correct many errors by testing the game only once or twice !