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Mike: Ooh, so neat... so clean...

NeoTA: Awesome! It's great to know I can do a good job when I'm rushing (basically I copy+pasted from some tablized docs (both at the wiki and on CD), then ran them through some regexp replacements and touched them up a little.)

.. I'll have all this format stuff as one file soon, too. Might be worth putting up here.




NeoTA: It is done. I uploaded 'rpg_format.leo' (and someone needs to update the upload log to reflect this, I can't). How do i link to it?

Bob: Are you sure the upload was successful? I see no evidence of it. IIRC, the wiki rejects attachments with extensions that it does not allow, and I am sure it won't know what aa .leo file is. What is the file?

NeoTA: It said 'successfully uploaded'. on the line afterwards, it said warning -- .leo is not a recommended image format. So the message is misleading if so. The .leo file is a Leo ( outline containing the lump info organized into categories (graphics, map, meta...). Taken directly from this wiki, for a complete offline reference.

Mike: I assume this is some manner of text file, correct? Why don't you just paste the text on to a wiki page?

NeoTA: (cut xml document from here)

Mike: Ok, so that's been taken care of. It just needs it's own page now.

NeoTA: Done.

What encoding do RPG files use? --Ichiro 23:13, 3 January 2011 (PST)

NeoTA: Do you mean character encoding? ASCII, and also some weird 16-bit variation on ASCII.

Bob the Hamster: That weird 16 bit variation is the FVSTR described in About Formal Specs. The lump documentation always mentions when one is used. It exists only because I am a somewhat clumsy programmer, who used to be an extremely clumsy programmer ;)

NeoTA (talk): Just added some example code for size de/coding. Arguably it oversimplifies (since the size is marked as a signed value), but for all cases where this would cause a problem (ie. where the lump is >2GB in size), the size could not have been stored correctly anyway -- it would become a negative value.

Uniform Type Identifier[edit]

Is there UTI for the lumped Hamster archive format used in OHRRPGCE? I might suggest "com.hamsterrepublic.lumped", and then the OHRRPGCE and other file formats that are using this can be conformed to this one. However, if there is a different identification, then that can be used instead. --Zzo38 (talk) 15:32, 10 October 2021 (PDT)

I had never heard of UTI. I agree com.hamsterrepublic.lumped is a good choice, plus com.hamsterrepublic.rpg which conforms to the lumped type. But I don't know where we would actually use UTIs. Probably in the plists for the OHRRPGCE-Game/ --TMC (talk) 19:35, 14 October 2021 (PDT)

Yes, probably for the plists for Mac OS X, they would be used. (I don't know if anything else ever uses UTI, but if it does, then I suppose that can help for that, too.) So, good. --Zzo38 (talk) 23:37, 14 October 2021 (PDT)