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Bob the Hamster The discussion page provides a way to comment about the article without actually changing the article. It is also a good place to ask for clarification if the article fails to answer your question. When you post on a talk page, it is a good idea to start your post with three tilde's ~~~ which will be automatically converted into your username.

Although, the way they do it on Wikipedia is to sign a post with 4 tildes at the end (~~~~) Mike C. 07:33, 6 April 2006 (PDT)

Bacon guy[edit]

Mike C. Whatever you may have tried to post that prompted your "change it back blah blah blah" was likely because of the spam filter, which disallows links from not-non-evil users.

Small problem...[edit]

Sorry for your time.... Why i can't see images on this resource? My Browser is: Opera. Thank you.

Bob the Hamster: I have no idea. Almost all the images here are PNG files, and everything I have read suggests that Opera has great support for PNG format.

Mike C.: Try clearing your cache. That always helps me (although I use a superior browser).

Can you see the background on the page (either before or after you clear the cache)? If you can, it's not for a lack of ability to display PNGs.


Mike C.: The wiki uses UTF-8 encoding, so anything in that character set should work.

S'orlok Reaves: The official Myanmar character block is missing a whole bunch of useful characters, and various Burmese fonts (MyaZedi, Zawgyi-One) allocate the missing characters differently. Display of some Burmese segments (e.g., loe = လုိ့) are also messed up... the  ု and  ့ should not overlap.

Err... sorry about that. Just a big FYI; I only know of one Burmese OHR user, and he's perfectly happy reading English. Cheers!