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Bob the Hamster: This interface is unstable. we will be changing the interface for sounds before release time. (discussion on the specifics of those changes takes place on the mailing list)

Mike C. Actually, I'm doing it right now. I'll see how far I get tonight (and/or tommorow morning >_>)

Josh Desmond The sound effects are kinda glichy.Its frozen about 6 times on me today.

Bob the Hamster: Does the lockup you are seeing on sound effects match any of the open bugs in the buglist?

Setting/Modifying SFX volume and/or panning via PlotScripting?[edit]

I’m still wondering if it’ll ever be possible for either of these will ever be introduced. I think they’d be useful for creating ambient sound effects — for example, if you had a waterfall somewhere on a map, you could make the waterfall’s sound effect play gradually louder as the hero got closer to it, and also have the panning change so it was relative to the hero’s/heroes’ position.

Given the fact that in Windows, (last I checked — which was a long while back,) the O.H.R.RPG.C.E. set the volume of WAVE/MP3/OGG stuff in its games by setting the ‘WAVE sound’ volume level to whatever level the O.H.R. needed it to be, I’m not sure setting/modifying SFX volume(s) with PlotScripting would be possible without affecting the global volume of everything except MIDI.

Would it be possible to at least do panning, though? :) -Kizul 22:30, 23 June 2011 (PDT)

Yes, both of those will be added. They are pretty much the only 'advanced' features that SDL_mixer actually supports. I'd also like the engine to do the volume and panning of continuously looping sound effects automatically. I've been thinking about it, but zones aren't really appropriate for this. I guess we need a new map editor mode where you place 'point' sound emitters on single tiles. In order to simulate large sound emitting map features like rivers, each emitter could be placed multiple times (every half screen along a river, say), and the distance and direction somehow summed together. That's better than than playing the same sound effect multiple times at once. -The Mad Cacti 02:24, 24 June 2011 (PDT)

Well, I hadn't exactly been thinking about playing it multiple times at once. Since you can loop SFX, I was simply thinking you could just have the sound looping in the background with an ‘each step’ script to figure out where the hero/heroes was/were in relation to the object attributed to the SFX. :o

I'd also been wondering about panning/volume setting because I'm wanting to make an 8-bit-ish game, but I'm wanting to stay as close to the limitations of (specifically) the Game Boy as possible — which means stepped fade-outs, sound effects interrupting the music (which I'd intended to just be looping sound effects for each ‘channel’, wherever possible), and what-not. In order to do stepped fade-outs for the ‘music’ sound effects, I'd have to be able to manually set the volume for the SFX; same with interrupting the ‘music’ sound effects to play a different one. :)

I realize my methods might seem somewhat unorthodox, but they work for me! :D -Kizul 00:40, 25 June 2011 (PDT)

Pre-empt command ( and other)[edit]

Mrtz: It's maybe nice to mention that the loop is "false" per default. So what about pre-empt? Is it false per default, as in if you don't mention it in the "play sound"-command, or true?