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Bob: Castleparadox is redirecting all traffic to my mirror. Is it down temporaraly or permanently? Does anyone know? It isn't just redirecting the gamelist, it is redirecting everything. Unfortunately the name scheme is different on my mirror, so exactly zero percent of all redirected links from cp will work correctly. I added a 404 ErrorDocument to point to the main page of the mirror...

Bob: How cool would it be to move all the content from to the wiki? Not an easy task to do by hand, but maybe I can cook up a way to automate it. Any thoughts on the subject? Anyone?

Mike: Ok class, raise your hands if you can spell "Maintenance Nightmare"!

On the other hand, we do work with the OHR... It could work.

TMC: Do you plan to get rid of the current game addition/editing scheme and just have peple edit the wiki? It might be less friendly but would be far more flexible.

Bob: Yes, that was my plan. I was figuring a one-time import of the existing entries, and from then on it would be regular Wiki editing.

The Geek: Just throwing my two cents in here... how can you split the article up into muliple parts? - there are sooo many games on the Gamelist that the page would take forever to load for us dial-up users.

TMC: We already have a games category seperate pages for a few games. This might involve sticking each game on its own page. But having a long page of descriptions too is pretty nice.

The Geek: You're right, I hadn't thought of that.

Bobby Blade: Sorry about the anonymous edit, I didn't have an account and I just noticed the links had erroneous markup so I was just gonna do a quick fix, didn't realize you guys have had a lot of spam problems so I made an account.


There is a project currently in development called "Project Patchwork". we are in need of some final graphics for our game, and are calling for help. contact for details.


Bob the Hamster: This morning someone made a (failed) attempt to replace the url for the Castle Paradox game list to a direct link to on the Disaster Labs website. This was done by IP address at 2:57:50 AM. The spam filter blocked the attempt because whoever did it was not logged in.