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Welcome to my domain, I guess. How you found your way to this page, I know not. And if you haven't already left, you're here on purpose?

About Me[edit]

"I go by the enigmatic name Master K. That's as close to knowing my real name you'll get. Oh don't worry, I'm just very paranoid online to making any connections to my real identity. I joined the community in June of 2011. I'm Master K on both Slime Salad and Castle Paradox, so if you see that name, it is indeed yours truly. As for my age, i'm seemingly an enigma of a person, an ageless being, an eternally youthful creature...when in reality, i'm a teenager. I'll leave my true age for you to guess for yourselves. It's strange, because I feel, and seem to be, one of the youngest active users of the OHR community. Which makes me feel...the newbie. I still feel trapped in the newbie stage of my OHR life, and I don't know if I'll move past that feeling any time soon." ~ Me, in 2013

Skipping past the flowery monologue, I joined the OHR community in my early teens and picked up scripting and pixel art from scratch. Since then, I've since done post-secondary education for programming, networking, and hardware. My OHR experience influenced that decision, seeing as programming is one of the things I have passion for that is marketable. I'm far from being done learning though, something everyone should relent.

"As for my personality, I'm...well, everywhere. Don't listen to me when I speak late at night, because I'm usually deep set in my own self pity. I am highly insecure, and I don't take criticism overly well because I beat myself up over what I do as it is. I feel incompetent with my pixel art skills, and I have a short attention span for projects, leaving me with half finished demos that the community tends to look down upon in quality. Regret aside, I am quite nice, zany, and slightly out there if you do see me in a good mood. I do somewhat enjoy working in collaboration with people, as it helps me stay on track and get projects done." ~2013

When I joined the OHR, I was your standard angsty teen coming in to the community with a lot of baggage. Looking back now, I feel for the community putting up with my teenage years, though I'm glad to still be around. Part of me feels like I grew up here. I still have a terrible attention span for projects, but I'm resolved to continually improve the quality of projects.

"I use the OHRRPGCE program, of course, but I felt the need to specify. I have been using it since sometime in March/April of 2011. I enjoy its simplicity and ease of use, and it's flexibility. I have dabbled with other programs, but I mainly use OHR."

I've also played around with Unity, Unreal, RPG Maker, and Sphere, but I still find myself coming back to the OHR.


Grayscale: "My newbie game, which consists of a monochrome palette, and a hero named Brody who sets out to save the world from elemental disaster." The very first thing I ever could call a game. I have a remake in the works, though I don't know if it'll see the light of day anytime soon.

Forsaken: "A story about a black mage named Velus, who meets up with an angel warrior named Isis in a forsaken village, and set out to stop a terrible event from occurring that could destroy the world."

Cardians of Lore: "My "Live Like the Amish" Entry. The lovechild of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, it has no plot, but only sidequests and subplots. You control either Alice or Robert, and set out into an 8-bit world to find adventure, battling with magical spell cards created by ancients."

Illusions: "My HOTOHR 2012 Entry. It involves Zack, a seemingly ordinary settler, and Alanna, a mysterious girl who can see disguised monsters. They set out to solve a mystery of four outset islands, while dealing with attacks from an annoying sorceress named Syneca who is trying to kill Alanna."

All these games are available on Slime Salad. I have other games there as well.


Dreadful Occupant: My collaboration contest project with Spoonweaver. Survival Horror "hide and seek" RPG with a "Stringy Haired Ghost Girl" antagonist terrorizing you as you try to escape your own home.

Time and Time Again: My collaboration contest project with SDHawk. A "Majora's Mask" styled RPG about trying to defeat a witch, with every failure throwing you back to the beginning.

Carcere Vicis: My collaboration contest project with TMC. A stylized Rougelike with a dimensional shifting mechanic.

Leaving so soon? Oh well, I suppose. Come back anytime you want, I don't mind.