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Nathan Karr is a man who pretends that he is a talking mouse-fairy creature on the Internet. In 2004, he came up with the alias "Ronin Catholic" to signify that he was a weeaboo, somewhat of a renegade, and a Roman Catholic. In 2005, he mistakenly did not use this username when joining Castle Paradox forums, the first place he ever interacted meaningfully with people who weren't members of his own family since 1993. In 2009 he started occasionally using the name "Ronintendo" to combine the "Ronin" part from Ronin Catholic with Nintendo, his favorite game publisher. Identity always in flux, he decided to join the rodent union Bob the Hamster and Jude the Rat sometimes allude to in 2013 and usually answers to his real-world human name of Nathan regardless of his species and character design.


His best work is No Eat, a game about a tanuki who gets eaten by his fairy-dog wife so that he can heal some of her medical issues from the inside. It is both disgusting and silly, and it is also a perfect showcase of his eccentricities as an artist and as a game designer.

Other games of note include Densetsu no Okami (a remake of one of his earliest games, in which a wolf and a cat team up to save the cat's sister and then get married), Trytuges (a remake of the first game he finished making, which is sadly lost to time as it was never uploaded to a website but only ever to one other person's computer), Maces Wild (in which he shamelessly copied Surlaw's idea for a game starring a police officer and made a mediocre-but-flavorful demo out of), Karrible (a game intended to be a message about how racism is equally bad regardless of victim, which had a botched execution leading mass misinterpretation) and Weegee.RPG (a game where he basically just spammed memes in 8-bit and not many people liked it).

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Trashy furry websites, as he is both inexplicably drawn to depictions of fictional animals with cognitive abilities similar to humans and to trashfire Internet drama (which he usually doesn't intentionally cause, but just usually).

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