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A Trail of Game Designs[edit]

Exposing the Unknown[edit]

This was TwinHamster's first released game. It featured the character Photographer Den who is innocently taking pictures of pig-men and rock-monsters when a mess of events happens (almost simultaneously!) and smacks him into the past. The game included fantasy worlds, sword-battles, and time travelling that most newbie games contain. Unfortunately, being a newbie game, none of these ideas were fully executed. The game also made heavy use of ripping the graphical starter set from the RPGMaker2k game engine.

Unhappy with the game's low popularity, TwinHamster decided to scrap this game to work on a more developed game. However, due to Moogle1's Newbie Remake Contest, this project will be restarted to make this the acceptable game that it was meant to be. It is said to include Zombie conspiracies, Time-Travelling, Mass Paranoia and other goodies.


Needing an output for the unnecessary ideas created during the making of ETU, the TwinHamster decided to create this game. It featured the boy Zhou and his village companions as they ventured inside of a locked sanctuary and ultimately being banished from the village until they

successfully saved the world. This pretty much contained all of the fantasy elements that ETU's Sci-Fi universe just couldn't contain. The Castle Paradox community accepted this game much more than its predecessor.

Still not reaching the level of good game design that he wanted to reach, TwinHamster hastily destroyed the old version of DarkMoon and created a revamped

second version. This new version contained a completely different art style and altered the storyline for the sake of making sense. However, the TwinHamster soon got tired of the DarkMoon series and left it at as an even shorter demo than its earlier version.

Fyre Emblem[edit]

After playing the NES Fire Emblem Gaiden game, the TwinHamster was inspired by the fact that the game featured great pixel art even with its restricted palette. The battle-engine of Fire Emblem also looked very promising and easy to emulate. But more than anything, it seemed easy to emulate.

Due to his limited PlotScripting experience, the TwinHamster could only copy a small fraction of Fire Emblems battle engine, mainly the part about restricting the player from doing anything in battle.

When released, the game only allowed one controllable hero that would obtain spells, sword-techniques, and ally-summons with limited old-school key-combination skill styles that would result in better results of skills in battles.

However, due to the minimal explaining provided, the game was looked down upon because it didn't look much like Fire Emblem at all. The Key-Combos were also hard to perform D:>

Game Design Insanity[edit]

During this period of time, the TwinHamster looked back into his portfolio and realized that it wasn't very good at making games. It is rumored that the TwinHamster went mildly insane and began to spew out a mess of incomprehensible games.

After this short period, the TwinHamster's sanity returned to him (For the most part) and he realized that many of the created games were nearly unplayable. Only two of which were mildly playable. These included Paul Game, a smashing game about tennis, and THE LEGEND OF ZOLGA: VINK'S ADVENTURE, a parody of The Legend of Zelda Series based on Food stuffs.

After this period, the TwinHamster took a break from the community and attempted to hone his game-design skills. After a couple months of game-design solitude, he returned with some talk about Detelamane.

Dire OHRea[edit]

JSH357 hosted his own Terrible Games Contest, see? And then the TwinHamster entered it, see?

This project was completely constructed on the TwinHamster's lunch breaks at his internship and is one of his [b]finished games[/b]. It was supposed to contain awesome mini-games, battles, and Manliness but could only pull this off to a limited degree. None of the mini-games were designed as the TwinHamster envisioned them, the hero was given a one-hit KO technique for most of the game, and the TwinHamster could not even begin to compress Pure Manliness into a game.

There Once Were Vampires[edit]

After the completion of Dire OHRea, the TwinHamster saw another contest: Chenzi's GMTDDSESAT (Or something resembling that acronym)

This was pretty much a Vampire game that tried to emulate some of Castlevania's components. It tried to have a trainable weapon-system, a familiars system, as well as a Job-changing system but the game was not finished in the way that any of these would actually work. (A cheap ending was quickly smashed together as the contest's deadline approached).

2006 Collaboration Game[edit]

The TwinHamster thought to himself "What if a bunch of people in the community worked on a single game? This would be good." Then he thought "What if a bunch of people in the community worked on individual components of a game? This would be insane and possibly good."

With the latter idea, the TwinHamster began the 2006 Collaboration Game. The idea was that each person would recieve a single chapter to understand the game somewhat, make his own chapter, and send that to the next person.

In total, there were 7 contributors (And therefore 7 chapters).

More of this can be read on Surlaw's Game Design Magazine: HamsterSpeak

Detelamane: Legacy of Scars[edit]

After enough talk about the game, the TwinHamster replaced its shoddy place-holder and submitted a demo. This briefly introduced the situation of the characters as well as the village. It also ended with a mildly annoying cliff-hanger.

The TwinHamster should be pursuing the completion of this game as his top priority; however, with the creation of the previously mentioned "Remake your

Newbie Game" contest, he has decided to suspend Detelamane's development in order to fix up his first released game.

Collaboration Game Contest[edit]

The 2008 Collaboration game has kicked off and, so far, Eight of the community's members are working together to make an epic of a game.