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TMC (talk) 23:15, 16 February 2018 (PST):

Err, whoops, I've been meaning to fix that "item count in slot" typo forever.

Regarding creating aliases to existing commands: I recommend you create a wrapper script, such as

 script, w, ticks, begin
   wait (ticks)

Regarding walknpc defaulting to forward, well I like the idea of naming that direction "forward" (it has to be called something).

And regarding "get npc id", etc, all being long-winded, yes, that will be fixed when object orientation gets added to HS.

It is also possible to use "define function". You can have multiple names for the same function ID number. Just open plotscr.hsd and have a look. Using definefunction in this way may not be supported with all future versions of hspeak, though.

About your Scripting help page, a large chunk of it is duplicated at What are the differences between a variable and a global variable? and maybe also What is a variable? Could you maybe merge your article into that one, and then just link to it? It's nice to see some putting advice up on the wiki; that's encouraged. But we also need less redundancy between articles; we have a LOT of that and it makes keeping the wiki up-to-date impractical.

Also, I previously created an article called Scripting advice. Hmm, I guess either we could merge them, or maybe it just makes more sense to rename each article to "Sword's scripting advice" and "TMC's scripting advice", since they're opinionated and not on any particular topic.

Sword (talk) 21:50, 18 February 2018 (PST) First, thanks for replying. I realise now that you mentioned some of those things before, but I musta forgot. Sorry. It's not the first time either :s I'm working on it. (I learned something new from reading those links :p)

About the tutorials. Oops, you're quite right. I just put my ramblings as a jumping point. I want to expand and organise it a little better, with links to relevant pages when I have a chance.

I wouldn't mind seeing it merged somewhere. I think having good organisational structure in a wiki is imperative. I will try to work with everyone to achieve this.

I hope my tutorial will have an emphasis on more basic coding and logic itself. not just engine/game/rpg things. I am not an expert, but I recognise as a newbie what it feels like to not know anything about coding at all! I hope that something I write becomes useful to someone at some point. There are a lot of ways to approach writing tutorials.

(different approaches to writing tutorials)


  • step by step. extremely basic, for when someone has difficulties
  • simple/natural speech. guidance for newcomers
  • advanced technical. advice for veterans


  • using/learning logic (simple)
  • how to perform game tasks and specific engine things.
  • advice and tips. style guide. how to format and technical details.