When is the next update? (old)

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<SARCASM TYPE="cheerful"> When is the next update? When is the next update? Despite all my efforts to stop them, people keep asking me this question. Here is my best estimate; It will definitely happen this year. Also, it will happen during one of the months of this year. I'm not sure which one, but the ones that are already over can be ruled out as unlikely. As for what day, it is less likely to be ready on a given Monday than it is on any particular Friday or Saturday, but that's nothing you should count on. Late afternoons are better for updates than early mornings (I like to sleep in (and remember, that's Pacific Standard time (NOT Pacific Daylight time, I don't abide with that silly Daylight Savings Time stuff (dang farmers!)))) … where was I… Oh! and as those of you who have followed my updates in the past may have noticed, I am partial to posting updates on miliseconds that are prime numbers (counting from the beginning of the previous second). If anyone needs a more specific estimate of when I will be ready with the next update, I suggest consulting a fortune teller, calling the psychic hotline, or buying a fortune cookie, cause they all have a better chance of giving you an exact date than I do </SARCASM>