Why doesn't the music ever play when I am playing my games?

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Some users report that their music does not work. While this was a common problem in the old DOS version, it should be a rare problem if you are using the current version.

Is it just MIDI & BAM?[edit]

The most popular formats for music in OHRRPGCE games are MIDI and BAM. Both of them are played as MIDI synth. If you are experiencing music problems, you should always test some other music formats like MP3 or OGG and see if they work or not. That will help you narrow down whether your problem is just with MIDI or with all sound. It can also be helpful to test out sound effects.

Synth Volume[edit]

One thing to check is that your volume control for synth music is turned up. Many sound cards have a separate volume control mixer for MIDI music. This volume control is usually accessible by right-clicking on your volume control icon in the system tray on the bottom right corner of the screen near the clock. The exact description sometimes varies depending on your version of Windows and your sound card driver, but it is usually labeled "MIDI Synth" or "Synth" or something similar.


Some computers are totally incapable of playing MIDI music. You can test to see if your computer is one of these by trying to play a midi file in some other music program such as winamp or windows media player.

If your computer can't play MIDI, then you need to install a set of instrument patches for TiMidity. SDL_Mixer, the OHRRPGCE's default music backend, will be able to use them to play MIDI music through TiMidity. You can get a set of instrument patches recommended by SDL_Mixer from either one of these links:

Unzip the files so that they are located in C:\timidity and the OHRRPGCE will automatically read C:\timidity\timidity.cfg. There are also many other patches available on the internet.