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16-color and 4-bit mean the same thing. 16 is the number of possible values that can be stored in 4 bits of binary data.

All sprites (Heroes, Walkabouts, Enemies, Attacks, Weapons) in the OHRRPGCE are 16-color graphics.

Saving 16-color Graphics[edit]

The method to save graphics as 16-color varies depending on what graphics editing program you are using. Regardless of which program you are using, it may be helpful to have a copy of the OHRRPGCE's palette, which you can get from the OHR Palette page.

Paint programs either require you to select 4-bit when saving, or to convert your sprite to 16 colour before before saving.

(Still need to fill in details for common programs...)

The Gimp[edit]

To make sure that your finished sprite will be converted into colours compatible with the OHR palette, open a copy of the ohr palette, and select colours (15 at most, + background) from that with the eyedropper, using these colour to pixelate with.

To save:

  • Right click on your sprite, goto Image -> Mode -> Indexed. Convert your sprite to 16 colours, choosing 'optimised palette'. You should have no more than 16 colours in your sprite, or at least one of them will change.
  • Save as, and simply select the extension '.bmp' - GIMP will automatically save to a bit depth of 4 bit.

Hey, I'm new to this whole thing, but I was able to convert the pallete into GIMP format at +http://efitu2.googlepages.com/ohrrppgce_pallete_in_gimp_format.gpl ? --Miff Falden 10:55, 25 Oct 2007 (PDT)


MS Paint[edit]

WARNING: MS-Paint will screw up your palette. It is highly recommended that you get one of the other editors on this page.

When you create a 16 color bitmap in MS Paint, it will try and convert every colour (dithering as it goes) in the sprite to one of the first 16 in the color box (first 8 from the first and second rows). Since by default these colours are terrible, this will lead to a mess if you do not change them. Open up the OHR palette, and copy the 16 colors you are going to use into the color palette.

To save when you are done,

  • Go to File->Save As...
  • In the file type box, choose "16-color Bitmap"
  • Save as normal


  • Go to Tools->Mode->Indexed Color...
  • Choose "Local (Perceptual)" in the "Palette" box
  • Enter "15" into the "Colors" box.
  • Uncheck "Transparency" (if it is checked)
  • Also, you may want to choose "None" for dithering.

Note that as you change the settings, Photoshop will update the main display in real time, so you can see the effects your options have.