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The OHRRPGCE isn't the only game in town! If it does not fulfill your game-making needs, there are plenty of other programs available. Each provides a different level of user-friendlyness, flexability, compatability and what-not. If the OHRRPGCE isn't right for you, hopefully you can find a program that is.

Active Projects[edit]


An RPG engine suited for more advanced users

Zelda Classic[edit]

A replica of the NES game that we all know and love. Beyond that, Zelda Classic allows the development of new quests that can use either the traditional graphics or enhanced graphics, as well as new enemies, items, and challenges.


Sphere is a 2D RPG engine


A game programming language

Adventure Creation Kit (ACS Clone)[edit]

Create your own old school computer RPG with Chris Hopkins’ ACK


Free open source RPG engine compatible with RPG Maker 2000/2003 games.

Commercial Products[edit]

RPG Maker XP[edit]

A nice looking commercial RPG Maker (Japanese Language). RPG Maker XP was recently released in English.

Game Maker[edit]

A shareware Windows-only game engine suited to platformers and mouse-driven games, but is powerful enough to do any type of game. It also has limited 3D graphics capabilities.

Adventure Construction Set (on Wikipedia)[edit]

The very old game making engine that originally inspired James to write a game maker, before he even had his own computer or knew how to program. A good classic.

Dormant Projects[edit]


A new game creation kit under development that will have some OHRRPGCE-data import capabilities

IT-HE Roleplaying Game Engine[edit]

IRE is an attempt to create a cross-platform computer role-playing-game engine similar to Ultima 6.

Sites About Game Makers[edit]

Wikipedia Category: Video game creation software[edit]

Wikipedia's category listing articles about software for creating games. Includes many things not on this list, and ranges from game making engines to game-oriented programming languages

Game Creation Systems @[edit]

A listing of Game Creation systems that run on DOS

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