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This page summarizes altered versions of OHRRPGCE, and also total rewrites/reimplementations of parts of the engine. 'Porting' means to make something work in a different system. This usually refers to OS or language, but can also refer to programming-library. This page does not list official ports of the engine to other operating systems (e.g. Mac, Android) because those are achieved without forking

Active Projects[edit]

None, currently! The OHRRPGCE grew and improved to the point that it was no longer appealing to rewrite it :)

Dormant Projects[edit]


  • Created by David Gowers. Details: nohrio
  • Not a source port, but nohrio is a python library for working with the data in RPG file lumps.
  • Although not an official part of the OHRRPGCE, it is strongly promoted and has been used for several utilities
  • Definitely not dead (still occasional updated as required), but not currently being worked on.
  • A rewrite was started but not finished. The original version is, for the moment, still being used.


Monkey Hamster RPG Construction Engine (Previously named ohrrpgcex)

  • Started by Landon Ritchie
  • https://code.google.com/p/ohrrpgce2/
  • Originally a fork/port to Blitzmax Basic (which is far from compatible with FreeBasic), after becoming dormant it was restarted from scratch as an (even more ambitious) fork/port to the Monkey game programming language (which is completely different from FreeBasic).
  • Started in November 2011, restarted in June 2013
  • Main goals are higher resolution and true colour graphics, and support for many platforms including HTML5 and iOS.


Dead Projects[edit]


  • A library and tools written in Java to manipulate RPG files.
  • By Matthias H. Lamers (Ichiro)
  • GNU GPL v3
  • Project page on Google Code, Project page on Sourceforge
  • Active from 2011 - 2013. Superseded by HamsterTools, a rewrite in C#. But still useful for Java programmers.
  • Includes a RELOAD library for Java, and a GUI interface for viewing/editing RELOAD files, RELOADspy (click to download executable .jar file)
  • Not to be confused with the old Hamster Wrench editor for HamsterSpeak files.
  • Most recent thread: [1]


  • https://github.com/sorlok/ohrrpgce-fmf
  • Cancelled in 2009
  • Developer's Wiki page
  • Full re-write of GAME.EXE in Java, using pure J2ME (java for mobile phones).
  • (Alpha) Prima Facie preview release is available; a power-crazed menu system threatens to conquer the world. Fortunately, battles are easy.
  • Intended to be developed in parallel with the Freebasic version, not as a replacement.
  • Currently (Stage I) Progress:
Alpha Beta

Fmf dopod.jpg



  • The fb2c++/fbc++ project by TMC (no web site; SVN repository was corrupted so source not publicly available) is two different but nearly identical things: a FreeBasic-to-C++ translator (fb2c++), and a FreeBasic compiler-via-translation-into-C++ (fbc++).
  • Used a PEG parser written using peg/leg to parse FB.
  • The project became dormant since early 2010 because TMC decided to wait and see whether the FreeBasic C emitter would reach the point of being able to compile the OHR.
  • In early 2013 the C emitter finally achieved the point of being able to compile the OHRRPGCE and other nontrivial programs, and as a result the OHR was ported to Android.


  • Details: Jormungand
  • Development halted
  • Started immediately after the OHRRPGCE source was released
  • Initially an attempt to translate the QuickBasic code to Python (aiming to make OHRRPGCE much easier to hack on and much more portable), later became an attempt to write an game editor from scratch, with an interesting icon-based GUI
  • Read-only subversion access via svn://gilgamesh.HamsterRepublic.com/jormungand
    • Backup copy of this repository available on request Bob the Hamster (talk) 08:23, 17 November 2016 (PST)

Battle-engine-free GAME.EXE[edit]

  • A QuickBasic version of GAME.EXE trading battle support for enlarged plotscripting buffer and more globals, later added to the official engine after the FreeBASIC port.
  • Incompatible SAV files stored the extra 7000 global variables.
  • Last version based on Quaternion
  • TMC made 1 or 2 games using this branch, and it was used for Ziggurats for Red Turtle by Rinku


Although this project had 'OHRRPGCE' in the name it was not an official version (or sequel) of the OHRRPGCE.

  • Started by PhyrFox
  • Details: Information here and here. A from- scratch rewrite aimed to allow running OHR games on Windows, Linux and Mac. Was intended to be backwards compatible, by avoiding new features that would cause games to be unplayble in the original engine. This project was announced right before the OHRRPGCE source was released, and seems to have contributed to that happening.
  • C + SDL rewrite.
  • Only active in early 2005.
  • Never had a website or any downloads

Merged Projects[edit]


  • Details: FBOHR (merged/replaced original OHRRPGCE development)
  • Direct port of the OHR's QuickBasic code to FreeBASIC.
  • Started in 2005 by Simon Bradley (and later assisted by Mike Caron), and merger into mainline completed in early 2006 for Serendipity.
  • For a while the OHRRPGCE's source could be compiled with both QB and FB. This ended with Hasta-la-qb.
  • An article about the port appeared in QB Express