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This article (or part thereof) is obsolete. It may have made sense in the past, but it does not make sense now. It is kept here only for historic curiosity and/or posterity.

Superceded by: Serendipity

FBOHR stands for FreeBasic OHRRPGCE. It was Simon Bradley's branch of the OHRRPGCE source code from September 2005 to Feburary 2006. FBOHR was a testing-ground for porting the OHR to FreeBasic and Windows. It has been merged back into the OHRRPGCE.

Simon made a number of releases to allow people to test the port.

  • Euclid/Epicurus - 2006-02-11
  • Descartes/Derrida - 2006-02-09
  • Chomsky+/Camus+ - 2006-02-06
  • Chomsky/Camus - 2006-02-04
  • Berkeley+/Bentham+ - 2006-01-24
  • Berkeley/Bentham - 2006-01-23 - First version with Custom.
  • Aristotle - 2005-10-18 - First official binary release.



Source Code[edit]

Source code was available from anonymous subversion at svn://gilgamesh.HamsterRepublic.com/fbohr

EDIT: I have saved a backup copy of this repository if anyone is interested Bob the Hamster (talk) 08:12, 17 November 2016 (PST)

The fbohr repository is now archived as part of the git-svn bridge; you can browse it at https://bitbucket.org/rbv/ohrrpgce-svn/branch/fbohr