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Slime Salad[edit]

A Game Design community that will supply both discussions on game design and a game list. Has an active forum community.

Less Active[edit]

Castle Paradox[edit]

An OHRRPGCE community site with reviews, articles, a forum, and a huge list of downloadable OHRRPGCE games. Its forum community is less active than Slime Salad.


The Hamster Wheel[edit]

The Hamster Wheel was a source for OHRRPGCE game reviews and previews. The target was to review every single OHRRPGCE game in existence, but unfortuneatly that were too much and the site closed after 2015.


An online magazine about OHR games, carrying on the torch passed by Reasonably Septaweekly, OHR Monthly and OHR Weekly. It was by far the longest running OHRRPGCE web-zine, with 63 monthly issues from March 2007 until July 2012.

The Hamster Burrow[edit]

The Hamster Burrow was a collaborative blog dedicated to the OHRRPGCE intended to fill the void left by the ending of the venerable HamsterSpeak magazine. Articles, game reviews, contests and more were posted here from November 2012 until April 2013.

Reasonably Septaweekly, and OHR Monthly[edit]

A great online magazine dedicated to RPG making, featuring many OHRRPGCE games, as well as other game makers. Septaweekly is no longer in production, but the archives are available for your reading pleasure. Reasonably Septaweekly is a continuation of the earlier OHR devoted magazine, OHR Monthly, and contains the archives of that magazine too!

Livejournal OHRRPGCE Community[edit]

An online OHRRPGCE-related Journal

Operation: OHR[edit]

In its day, it was central to the OHR Community with a huge gamelist, reviews, news, features and articles. Op:OHR is now archived on Castle Paradox.

Moogle1's Plotscripting Tutorials[edit]

A library of plotscripting tutorials and example scripts. This is being deprecated; see example scripts instead.

OHR Weekly 2004 Issues 2001 Issues[edit]

A weekly magazine covering the OHRRPGCE containing news, mini-reviews, articles, comics, editorials, and more. Also out of production, but with archives (in two different places). Ran for 19 issues in 2001 and 2004.

Indy OHR[edit]

A website that was dedicated to OHR and RPG creation in general but never took off. Indy OHR hosted contests and has its own Hall of Fame for contest winners. Home of the "RPG Webring" project.

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