Expected name but defineoperator block ended

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C:\ohrrpgce>hspeak -yw wanderp.hss
Semicompiling wanderp.hss to wanderp.HS
reading wanderp.hss
including plotscr.hsd
including wander.hsi
4100 lines read from 3 files
splitting commands
parsing constants
parsing top-level
ERROR: in line 792 of plotscr.hsd
70 $=  copystring
expected name but defineoperator block ended

This error means that you are not using the latest version of HSPEAK. The rusalka release of the OHRRPGCE added some new plotscripting operators, so if you are using an old version of HSPEAK.EXE with a new version of plotscr.hsd you will see this error. Make sure that you have the latest version of HSPEAK, and if you have more than one version of HSPEAK installed on your computer, make sure that you are using the correct one.

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