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Master K: Grayscale
Developer(s) Master K
Release date In-Progress
Genre Fantasy RPG
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In the land of Monchromia, the elements are seemingly at balance. But, once you, the protagonist Brody, meet the king of Monchromia, you are plunged into a quest that will ultimately lead you to facing the animated elements themselves.

Along the way, you'll encounter various strange creatures, an interesting cast of characters, including a knight, a mage, a witch, and even a ninja. Will you be able to stop the raging elements from destroying Monchromia itself?


Brody: Our quirky, lovable protagonist. Brody lives in the small town of Gryl, which is situated in the White Forest. He is best friends with Melina, a girl who lives in Gryl as well.

Melina: The main heroine of Grayscale. She lives in Gryl, along with Brody, her childhood best friend. She joins Brody after she recovers from being kidnapped by an angry force of nature...

May change without warning.

More information will be added in time!

Project Information[edit]

Grayscale is a dead project. It is still available to download, and if you want to improve or finish it, feel free, because the newest file is un-passworded.