Heart of the OHR 2014

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The Heart of the OHR contest is a recurring contest to create (or substantially update) RPG games with the OHRRPGCE (as opposed to plotscripted non-RPGs). It was held for the third time in 2014. The contest ran from June 1st until November 30th, with bugfix releases allowed until December 14th and voting from December 16th until early February 2015 (after multiple extensions). Games need only be released in the 6 month release window rather than made entirely within it.


Author/Team Game Where to Download Saves to skip to new stuff Official entry?
Spoonweaver Troll Over slimesalad Yes
RedMaverickZero Batman & Robin slimesalad Joker's Breakout Yes
FnrrfYgmSchnish Okédoké! La Leyenda Mexicana slimesalad Chapters 5 and 6 Yes
RedMaverickZero Mr. Triangle's Adventure slimesalad Yes
Buni M Zero: Secret Pasts Collide castleparadox Yes
Pheonix Winged Realm slimesalad Yes
RabMoghal Invasion of the Mantle Dwellers slimesalad Yes
kylekrack Stand slimesalad Yes
Froginator The Pumpkin Warriors slimesalad Yes
superawesomeric T4R4D1DDL3 slimesalad No
Guroo Dragons! slimesalad/mediafire No
JimLuc T. Kirkard James Doppler's Epic Sci-Fi Fantasy Quest of Space Time Adventure for the Mind slimesalad No

Feature request bounties are tracked here: User:Bob the Hamster/HeartBugs 2014

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