Heart of the OHR 2016

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The Heart of the OHR contest is a recurring contest to create (or substantially update) RPG games with the OHRRPGCE (as opposed to plotscripted non-RPGs). It is being held for the fourth time in 2016. The contest runs from March 1st until July 31st. Games need only be released in the 6 month release window rather than made entirely within it.


Author/Team Game Where to Download Completion Official entry? Score
guo Bale Link Demo Yes 5.88
Pheonix Labyrinthilium Link Demo Yes 6.82 2nd Place
Ichiro Project Dark Planet Link Recent Demo Yes 2.0
Idontknow You Need a Hero Link Demo Yes 5.75
RedMaverickZero Surfasaurus Link Finished Game Yes 7.64 1st place
Mammothstuds The Successor's Legacy Link Demo Yes 6.6
Phil Sour City Link Demo (?) Yes 5.14
Taco Bot Grapnes 2: Kepnalcide Link Demo Yes 3.5
DragonChaserKev Dragon Chaser Link Demo Yes 4.0
Froginator Quodia Link Demo Maybe? 5.11
DarkLordCale Fruity Quest Link Unknown Unofficial 3.0

Nathan Karr, Gizmog, and Master K talked about entering, but did not submit any games before the deadline.

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