How is damage calculated?

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Short answer: It depends.

Long answer: It depends on the type of attack formula the attack is based on:

Note: the Attack and Defense stats can vary for each attack

Damage Types

  • Normal damage is Attack - Defense * .5
  • Blunt damage is Attack * .8 - Defense * .1
  • Sharp damage is Attack * 1.3 - Defense
  • Pure damage is simply Attack
  • Specific damage is whatever it's set to


Each attack can do any combination of types of elemental damage. For each element which is set on the attack, the damage is the multiplied by the target's Elemental Resistance factor for that element.

The attack's Extra Damage is a percentage that is added to the calculated damage. Extra damage of 10 would result 110% damage. Extra damage of -10 would result in 90% damage.

Also, there is a random factor, that shuffles the actual damage dealt. The range is plus or minus 20% (so somewhere in the range of 80% to 120% of the calcuated damage)

Finally, the damage is set to 1 if it's less than 1, unless the "Damage can be Zero" bitset is on.

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