How do I make a "fake" movie using backdrops?

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Movies can be emulated in the OHRRRPGCE by showing a sequence of backdrops quickly using the show backdrop command in quick secession

  • First, take all your frames and make sure that they are in 320x200 24bit BMP format.
  • Import them all into your RPG file in the correct order.

Lets say you have 15 frames, starting at backdrop number 8 to 22. To play the movie, simply use a script like this:

plotscript, play movie, begin
  # declare a counter variable for the 'for' loop

  # loop through backdrops 8 to 22
  for (ctr, 8, 22) do, begin
    show backdrop (ctr)
    wait (4)

  show map


The show map at the end of the script is required to return to normal play.

Also, change the wait (4) to suit your animation. Experiment to find a good value.

WARNING: Backdrops are not compressed, so this method is only good for very short animations.

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