How do I make a hero learn spells from items?

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One way to make your hero learn spells is to make a special item that must be used on the hero to teach the spell.

Making the item is quite easy. Go into the item editor, and set the Teach Spell property to the name of the attack that you want to teach.

But that alone isn't enough to make the spell learnable. You also have to reserve a slot for it in one of the hero's Spell lists. Go into the hero editor, choose the hero who is going to learn the spell, and edit his spell list (if you haven't named the spell list yet, remember to do that first.) In one of the EMPTY slots put the same attack that he item teaches. By default, the attack is learned from item -- (You can change this with period and comma)

Now that the item can teach the spell, and the hero has the capacity to learn it, you are all set.

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